A Collective Reaching Out To Concord’s Homeless

Micro and Macro Solutions to Homelessness

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The Collective Approach

Homelessness in California is a pervasive problem. From the streets of L.A. to wealthy places like Santa Barbara and even Walnut Creek, homelessness in California does exist outside of San Francisco. Our collective is tackling homelessness in Concord, CA, an east San Francisco bay area city that tends towards the urban, though we would call it suburbs.

Our group came together because we believe in mini-solutions for max change. From acting as liaisons for job interviews to doling out food, coffee, and cannabis (a healthier alternative to drinking and cigarettes, as well as an “exit” drug for getting off harder substances), we want to do what we can, when we can, however we can to at least brighten their day or fortify them with a bagel. Solutions to homelessness do exist--and we’re on it.

For long-term goals, we want to run a safe place project where those experiencing homelessness in California can pitch a tent or park while we work on getting them at least a good shed to live in. Our ultimate goal would be to have running water, garbage pick up, even a security guard to appease the city. Our solutions to homelessness are macro and micro.

This collective came together when Vince, the “founder”, saw a post on social networking site Nextdoor lamenting the fate of homeless people. But no one was doing anything about it. So he started a “group” on the app, invited the people he could from the post, and when he got an idea for their first event, he was pleasantly surprised to find that everyone in the group wanted to truly help. People were ready to donate money and time. And so a movement was born.


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Contact Us

Contact via social media (below), email, or by texting 925 993 7425 (real person—Vince).

Email us at elevatecollectiveclayton@gmail.com